Undra Duncan is the founder and creative director of Undra Celeste New York. She started designing as early as 10-years old in Brooklyn. Growing up with hard-working West Indian parents, she didn’t fully understand that the thing she loved to do as a child could be a business or even a career. After graduating with a business degree from Howard University, Undra moved back to New York to find her way in fashion. 

Once back in New York, she quickly started her fashion career, working in product development and brand management for some amazing brands. After 12+ years in the industry, Undra decided to start Undra Celeste New York - a contemporary women’s workwear brand. 

Fast forward to 2019, Undra has a strong brand, shown at New York Fashion Week twice, worked with the CFDA and collaborated with Nike and Lebron James to co-design the first ever women’s basketball shoe created for women by women.