The Undra Celeste New York Fall 2018 collection is called THE BRIGHT SIDE.
 With so much going wrong in the world today I think it's necessary to look find a way to look towards the brighter side of life. Not just to cope but to find peace, joy and love.
This collection was designed to inspire feelings of optimism. Love is at the core of what I do and a pillar of the brand. Love of fashion, purpose, freedom...love of God. 

Doing what I love with the hope that the world loves it too!

This season I focused on the love of my culture and family. Particularly the strong women in my life - my mom, aunts and late grandmother. These women are/were so fierce. My grandmother left everything in Guyana, including her home and children to come to American. Although she was alone she traveled with two very important things: Love and Hope. In West Indian culture fashion is not just about the clothes - it's an armor to face the world. During her famous 2014 CFDA speech, Rihanna said: "She can beat me, but she cannot beat my outfit". This statement resonated with me because growing up I'd watch my grandmother, mom and aunts deal with the difficulties of life with class, grace and an arsenal of killer outfits! The world will try to beat you down but they'll never beat your outfit. 

During my design process, I went back to the days of watching the women in my family over-dress for everyday life.  I went through old photo albums and the closets of my aunts and mom. I searched, not only for inspiration but, for the connection between the clothes and the message they wanted to convey without saying a word.  I thought about how they felt pride, strength, happiness and powerful when they got dressed up. I thought about the emotions of being an unapologetic fiercely dressed woman in a new land.

I found that regardless of their adversities Love, Family & Fashion was always The Bright Side!