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Your girl was on Strahan and Sara about 2 weeks ago. The love and response has been so crazy that I haven’t had a chance to write or even post the video. This journey has been such a blessing. I got the email to do the show a few day before we had to be on set. These are the parts of my life where I’m just letting God have his way. I can’t (or at least haven’t been able to) force anything. I’m over here doing my very best and where I lack my Lord is filling in the rest.




2019 - Two Weeks In and I'm Over IT!

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2019 is in full swing. We’re only 2 weeks in and I must admit I’m starting to crash a little bit. Yes, already. 2018 was a year of crazy high peaks and deep valleys. I did some amazing things like traveled to South Africa for the first time, had a huge NYFW show, and oh yeah I co-designed the first Lebron James Nike basketball shoe for women by women! Pretty dope. So here I am in 2019 with some bigger (not necessarily better) goals for myself and my brand. But I’m already overwhelmed…

In December, I and the other designers had the pleasure of having brunch with the mother of the king. No not Mary, Ms. Gloria James! The invitation seemed quite random because all of the festivities surrounding the shoe had pretty much died down. I’ll tell you, after this experience, I’m looking at everything through my spiritual eyes. When things seem random, it’s usually God. So we get the invitation to meet with Ms. James and her equally amazing stylish Alaina for brunch. It was like church. Ms. James is hilarious, sharp-witted and spirit filled. She dropped many gems that afternoon, but one thing stuck with me and has become my motto for 2019. Brandice asked her, what kept her going during all the years of adversity she and her young son had endured. She said, “I kept the listen, I did let it go a few times and I can tell you that was not a good decision. Going back and keeping my faith is what got us through”. So simple. So true.

Keep the faith - as I’m currently sitting in a mess of an office, surrounded by samples, fabric, trims, with barely enough room on my desk to sit this laptop. I can feel the overwhelm coming on. But, I know that God is the one who got me this far and I can rest in knowing He’ll get me where I need to go in 2019 - I just have to keep the faith. I’ll add that I started 2018 overwhelmed too. I had resolutions (as I do now), goals (as I do now), to do lists (as I do now) but none of it prepared me for the awesomeness that God had in store for me.


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Love, Undra

California LOVE w/ Nike Los Angeles!

A few weeks ago I went back to California!

In 2014 I ran back to NYC after living in California for 2 years straight out of college. My time in L.A. was not my shining moment. I was away from everything familiar, working in corporate American (non-fashion) and barely moving along. After about a year I enrolled myself in a fashion sketching class at Long Beach Community College and my entire life was focused on this 2 hour class each week. It became the thing that kept me alive. Once the class was over I realized I was wasting my time and life being unhappy in L.A. So I packed up my apartment and took my talents back to NYC to immediately start me career in fashion!

Last week was the first time I visited L.A. since I left in 2014. Wow - it’s been 14 years! Where does the time go? Sidebar: Time is not on our side - if you’re putting off something, do it now. You do not have “time”! Anyway, when I got the call from Nike Los Angeles to come do a Strongest Ploe One women’s event focused around the Lebron 16s I co-created for women. It was no question it was time to go back, back to Cali!

The event was amazing! Located on the rooftop of the new Nike Melrose store. I new concept store that Nike is rolling out across the U.S. The weather was perfect (as it always is in L.A.) and the food was amazing - prepared by Chef Alisa from her restaurant My Two Cents. The women invited to the event were hand-picked by the Nike team to represent the strongest on the west coast. The host for the day was the incomparable Angela Davis! She’s one of those people that God has filled with all the right words and they spill out effortlessly in every conversation, public or private. I just love her!!!

The afternoon was spent connecting, sharing, networking, laughing and eating. Brandice, Fe, Kimberly and I did a panel discussion on what dignity, courage, strength and loyalty means to each of us and why we choose those words to represent the shoe.

Overall the day was such a blessing. I’m hoping we can get to do something similar on the East Coast. I left the event FULL (literally and spiritually).

I spent the rest of my time in LA mostly working; schlepping through the garment district meeting with factories, buying fabric etc. I had my new publicist Raslyn with me the entire time and we had an amazing time. Bae was in tow as well and we were able to get an afternoon in on Venice Beach.

L.A. felt nostalgic - I didn’t have any ill feelings of the old days. Just good vibes all around!

*The suit I’m wearing was a smash hit and is available here and here!!!

OWN Interview

I have to admit, most of the awesome things that happened for me this year were NOT my doing. How could I have "worked" or even prayed to co-design a basketball shoe with Lebron James and Nike that sold out in 5 minutes?? My radar doesn't even vibrate that high - at least before now.

However, what I did do was set intentions. I am big on setting goals, to-do list, resolutions - all of it. I usually write but for some reason this year I decided to do a vision board in addition to writing things out. I'll talk about how my vision board came together another day, but for this purpose just know that there was a picture of Oprah on the board. I didn't tell/ask God how, when or where. I just put it there in faith.

Yesterday my interview on OWN's new online platform The Know aired and it's SO GOOD! I talk about my journey, brand, inspiration and faith. 

Also, remember last week I told you I'd need a favor?
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Essence Street Style Block Party

Why the 2018 Essence Magazine Style Style Block Party was EPIC!

  1. The FASHION HUNTY!!!!!! This wasn’t my first time attending the street style block party but this was the first year, that I can remember, that it RAINED the entire time. Some would think the rain would discourage folks from dressing past the NINES - Nope! Not black women - we showed up and out even in a rainstorm. I was so inspired by all of it. Catch it all here!

  2. Your girl was featured! The HFR installation was so dope! I spent the day meeting so many awesome people who support the Lebron James x HFR collaboration. We gave away a few shoes and my aunt even won a pair. The best part of the day was meeting so many of you and hanging out with my family!

I’m still full from all of it. I hope they invite us back next year!




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I have every intention on taking you all behind the scenes of one the most EPIC event in my career/life, but to be honest I’m just finding my way back to the surface of my life. Its been a whirlwind! So many great things are happening I could write a book…

One of the most amazing parts of the project is that so many people had copious amounts of positive things to say about the collaboration and the SHOE! Let’s be serious if the shoe wasn’t dope this would all be in vain and I would just be posting a quote from my mom - lol.

So please take a moment (or day) to read what some of the leading publication had to say:

Stay tuned right here next week we have super exciting news coming!!!!!

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