Why I'm Gucci!

Why I’m Gucci!

Alessandro Michele – you inspire me.

You might find it odd that a designer would sing praises to another designer – this isn’t all about design it’s about vision and purpose.

Alessandro was appointed creative director of Gucci in January of 2015, after being in the background of the previous creative directors for 12 years. He waited, grinded, proved himself and when, Marco Bizzarri, the new CEO met with him for a 30 minute chat and tea, four hours later, he practically had the job! Michele, was not only amazing at designing clothes but he had a vision for reinventing the entire brand. But before this meeting, he was literally unknown.

“But the reinvention of Gucci was underway. With each careful step since the first show, Bizzarri and Michele have engineered a complete rethinking of the company’s collections, branding, advertising, store concept and, even, corporate culture.” – Business of Fashion, September 2015.

Of course I don’t know Michele personally but because I’m a betting women, I’m going to say without a doubt  that he’s familiar with the principles of, hard work + timing + faith + perseverance = success.

It’s not an easy formula, but it’s what I’m leaning on for the success of my brand. There is so much to learn from a good come up or comeback story like Gucci, but if you don’t get anything else, put in the work and just like Michele - everything will come up GUCCI!!!

To read more about the reinvention and branding of Gucci - https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/ceo-talk/reinventing-gucci