Black Genius + Hello Lover

Black Genius + Hello Lover Coat

I was honored to be apart of the BG feature on creatives. The shoot
location was magic! I'm from Brooklyn and very familiar with most of
it - But was surprised to find the location in Dumbo had a facelift.
Artist, Coby Kennedy painted the large YES murals in 2013. They spoke
right into me as I've been in a mode of saying YES to God lately. I'm
not operating in fear. I, just like the paintings am bold, beautiful
and daring! It's not an easy thing for me to get in front of the
camera but I said YES. So here I am dressed in this fab wrap dress and
cashmere coat and taking to the streets of Dumbo Brooklyn - YASSSS!

By The way - Did you Pre-order your Hello Lover Coat? I'm in love with this coat and how it's perfect for the fall/winter season. Pre-order is now closed; however, be on the look out for the released date to buy your own beautiful Hello Lover Coat.