Behind The Scenes

Today we are giving you a behind the scenes look at what really goes down here at Undra Celeste New York and see what it takes to bring a fashion line from idea to real merchandise delivered straight to your door. During one given moment here at UCNY we can be working on three different seasons at once! While this may sound overwhelming (and it can be sometime!) it's what we do to ensure that you are looking bold and beautiful in your UCNY clothing. So here is a little sneak peak on how everything is done. 

Finalizing looks for Spring/Summer 16

At the same we are thinking a year ahead beginning the process of developing Spring/Summer 17. This includes making our inspiration board and beginning sketches. Some of these sketches will be made into early samples to begin showing showrooms and buyers.

Now we are back in Spring 16 mode and it is time to shoot for our website and lookbook! 

Once production in our factory here in New York City is done, it's now available to you! And that's how we turn beautiful ideas into a reality. Be sure to check out our new Spring 16 collection which is available online now. Send us images of yourself in your UCNY clothes or tag us on Instagram. We want to see how you use UCNY to live your very best life!