Farewell Obamas

President Barack Obama served approximately 2,920 days in office, that included two inaugurations, many setbacks and greater accomplishments. His greatest accomplishment was completing his mission statement that he started day one of becoming president. In current events, when it seems like America is embracing a mighty storm, in the midst is hope. Without any doubt, you can always rely on hope and determination to bring you through your hardest times. President Obama's mission was to reignite the hope in America that citizens were beginning to lose and because of him and everything that he has accomplished he brought back the hope. Below is my note to the powerful, brilliant President Barack Obama. 

To President Barack Obama, 

On Thursday, January 19th, 2017, you packed your bags, put down your pen and shut off the lights of the Oval Office. The many calls, texts, emails and tweets have already shown you how America will miss you and how much we appreciate you. So, I’m not going to sit here and tell you what you already heard, I’m only going to say what you taught me to move forward with. You and your family revealed that determination, class, respect and faith can move mountains in any situation. I use that when I’m exploring new business adventures or when I’m simply confused and frightful of where our country is headed. Thank you for showing that your faith is apart of you while showing the significance of facing racism in this country. Thank you for being an amazing African-American role model that I and my peers can look up to with pride. Simply, thank you for being you President Obama. So instead of farewell, see you soon fighting the America fight.