Our First NYFW Show - It was all a DREAM (Biggie voice)!!!


On September 6th, 2017 I had my first New York Fashion Week runway show. It was a dream, but more importantly a testimony of my faith! I've been a long follower and supporter of Brandice and Harlem's Fashion Row. Every year since UCNY has been alive I've tried to attach UCNY to HFR by doing either their pop shops, seminars and even worked with them on a few special projects. When the year started I knew I wanted to make this the year that UCNY walked the HFR runway. I designed, applied and got rejected! No problem. When I got rejected I was in the mist of a 10-day fast and prayer. I was in a state of peace and couldn't fret about my rejection. I knew that God was in control and another opportunity would come for me to showcase my brand. It was literally "well with my soul". Fast forward 7 days before the show - I get a call that whatever happened, happened and that I was in the show! I had 7 days to pull together a NYFW worthy presentation! Nerves? Not really any time for them. I pulled together my already designed Fall'17 collection (#StayReady), selected what i thought was worthy of the runway and was still six looks short. I called together my dream team, headed my faithful cousin Shekima. I was able to design and sew 6 looks in 2 days. The models? Cast, booked and fit in 12 hours! On Wednesday morning I was ready - tired, but ready! The forecast said rain - I prayed for it to stop - it didn't! Every model was perfect. The make-up was perfect. The hair was perfect. The clothes were PERFECT! With very little hiccups for my first NYFW show it was like a literally DREAM! Something that seems too perfect to have actually had happened. Rain and all, God was in complete control!!!