Jamaica: Self-care by any means


I often hear from friends and family things like "gurl, how do you do it?", "you're the hardest working person I know" or "you're a beast"...the truth is most times I don't take it as a compliment. When I was 29 years old comments like these made me feel like a superhero. Today, it makes me feel like I'm not doing something right! Don't get me wrong I love what I do and most times I'm the one pushing myself to do more. But I can't help thinking it's also a reflection, a. not having or fully trusting and relying on a team, b. being a perfectionist, c. working hard, not smart or d. all of the above. I'll take D for $1,000 Alex! If I were, to be honest, I didn't start writing this to lie, it starts to feel like I'm hustling backwards. I have plans to correct A-C in the coming months - but you know that's more work too, right? What I needed last week was not more work but less to push my business forward. That's exactly what God gave me on my recent Jamaica vacation.  My love and I decided way back in June to take an end-of-summer vacation, it would be our first one together! We planned and packed, made our way to the airport and right before boarding our flight the gate attendant refused to let him on the flight because his passport had some minor water damage. He was sent to the passport office for a replacement, I boarded the flight to Jamaica alone. Please don't side-eye me here - the flight to Jamaica the following day only had one seat left. 


Anyway, I arrived in Jamaica, checked-in and started 36-hours of alone time - filled with rest, prayer, reflection, thankfulness and did I mention REST! It was EXACTLY what God had in store for me the entire time. God knows I need to "sid-down" somewhere sometimes and if I don't he'll make a way. This experience, as well as the NYFW show, taught me that I need to truly let-go and let-God more. This is not just a cute saying or inspirational quote for IG, it's truly a way of life. For someone like me, it's difficult to now "work" for everything. I've been working since I was 14 years old! It takes trust in God and yourself to stop trying to force success, opportunities, relationships, just life in general. Know that what's for you is for you! And if you don't have "it" yet, you're equipped with the talent to get it. It's important to know that the work is necessary but never to our determent.
My honey got his passport and arrived the next day without issue. We had a great time and now I'm back to work! 

HE MADE IT!!!!!! 

HE MADE IT!!!!!!