OWN Interview

I have to admit, most of the awesome things that happened for me this year were NOT my doing. How could I have "worked" or even prayed to co-design a basketball shoe with Lebron James and Nike that sold out in 5 minutes?? My radar doesn't even vibrate that high - at least before now.

However, what I did do was set intentions. I am big on setting goals, to-do list, resolutions - all of it. I usually write but for some reason this year I decided to do a vision board in addition to writing things out. I'll talk about how my vision board came together another day, but for this purpose just know that there was a picture of Oprah on the board. I didn't tell/ask God how, when or where. I just put it there in faith.

Yesterday my interview on OWN's new online platform The Know aired and it's SO GOOD! I talk about my journey, brand, inspiration and faith. 

Also, remember last week I told you I'd need a favor?
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