40th in Cape Town! Part 1.

It's mid-April and of course, I haven't reached out to you guys since NYE - yikes! Not that I don't have things to say. A lot has been going on lately in life and business. I turned 40, visited South Africa for the first time, started a new very exciting project and designed a new collection for Summer! 

For my 40th birthday (i'm still not used to saying that yet), I decided to gift myself an amazing trip. A few people have asked me, why Cape Town. I don't really know how to answer, but to say, why not? I've been to Europe, the Caribbean (numerous times), Asia (a few times) and the Middle East (once) so why not use this grand occasion to go back to the motherland! 

Cape Town also seemed like the best of everything, scenic, modern, culturally, great beaches, wonders of nature and good shopping! What's not to love. In preparation, I planned my trip for every day that I was there. I wanted to experience everything Cape Town had to offer even if it meant needing to take a vacation from my vacation. I did all the tourist things and tried to do some of the not-so-touristy things. Here are how I spent my first few days in Cape Town...


Sad but magically at the same time. Anthony and I went on the boat/bus/foot tour. Although dreadful for its prisoners the island somehow has a beauty about it. The tour guide on the bus explained every section of the prison. She recounted the gory details of many of the prisoners like Robert Sobukwe, who was kept in solitary confinement for his entire time on the island. Our next tour guide was an ex-political prisoner and was housed on the Island for 7 years. He walked us through the living quarters, explained in detail a day-in-the-life of a prisoner.  One of the final stops was at the cell of Nelson Mandela. It was an amazingly insightful and emotional day. 

SAFARI - Next was our "safari". Cape Town doesn't have real safaris. The closest you'll get is a nice game reserve. Which is what we got.  The main difference is that the animals are there, but trained. They're used to people, get fed every day at a certain time, knows where to go, what to do and when. At one point we pulled up (too close for my comfort) to the lions and they didn't budge - they were not interested in us and our iPhones.  But when they heard, what the guide explained, was their food truck, all 5 lions and lioness jumped to their feet. They were beautiful and smart animals. #Funfact Giraffes are one of my favorite animals (after cats). I didn't get to get close to them because well...they didn't care. The zebras were beautiful as well. We got really close to them. Elephants are just exciting simply because of their size. All and all it was wonder and another beautiful day with friends and family.  

Stay tuned for part 2 - I'm sharing with you what's seriously like my favorite neighborhood in the world - BoKaap, Table Mountain and a day at the beach with a few hundred aggressive penguins.