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40th in Cape Town: Table Mountain + Boulder Beach

40th In Cape Town part #2:

A few years ago I took a trip to Dubai, it's hard to explain it but I kept feeling like God was my tour guide. I kept being led to the beauty of the country from the beaches to the desert and the people - everything felt magical. Ever since, I always look for God in my travels.

What does He want me to see and experience. What wonders has He created or inspired man to create that I need to experience? It’s a faith builder for me, and when I'm anxious about the seemingly difficult things in this life - I’m hearing God say through these wonders, “look how grand I am, I got YOU!”

Not that I don’t plan my vacations - I plan most of the details but I always leave room for God to show off - and He always does!

Which brings me to my days at Table Mountain and Boulder Beach.

Table Mountain is one of the 7 Wonders of Nature and is breath-taking. The mountain has a completely flat top which is how it got the name Table Mountain. One of the reasons it’s a wonder is that on the clearest day in Cape Town, something about this mountain calls for a thick white cloud to hover over it - the locals call it ‘the tablecloth’. If the cloud appears, you're not supposed to go up the mountain. If you’re already up there you’ll need to wait it out before coming down. There are two ways to get up the mountain: hike the 3-5 hour trail (nope), or ride the 5-minute tram (yep). The tram ride is a bit scary but the view going up the side of the mountain is totally worth it. Once at the top you can see the entire city of Cape Town! It’s beyond anything I’ve ever seen in my life. This is where God showed up. The views, nature trails, even the smell was magnificent. My sister and I spent about 4 hours on the mountain had lunch, took a bunch of pictures and just as we were getting ready to get in line for the tram...the tablecloth showed up! Being eye-to-eye with a thick white cloud that slowly moving to engulf you is...interesting. I decided to take the moment to pray. Not because I was afraid, but because I knew God was present and I wanted Him to know that I loved Him and was thankful for the opportunity to travel and see Him on every journey I take in this life!

Video of the "Tablecloth" -


My next excursion was Boulder Beach. Although there was a beach literally 5 minutes from our rental home, we heard Boulder beach was one of the most beautiful beaches in the world so we had to take the one hour Uber to see for ourselves. Another reason and fun fact: Cape Town beach water is FREEZING. No one told us that - so you heard it here first! It has something to do with the water from the Arctic Ocean, blah blah - it’s cold. The water at Boulder Beach was allegedly warmer. The drive to the beach was mostly mountainside (not sure which mountain) and another breathtaking experience. We arrived and paid about 50R to enter the beach. Oh yeah, Boulder Beach is also where the penguins live - literally thousands of them hang out on the beach all day. You pay to see them but you’re not supposed to touch, feed or interact with the penguins. The other side of the beach, about half mile down the boardwalk is the non-penguin beach. So Anthony and I spent about 20 minutes taking in the penguins in all their glory and decided to bounce so we could enjoy the “warm” penguin free water. The alleged warm water, penguin free beach was...about 5 degrees above freezing and had about few dozen penguins hanging around. It thought it was funny actually - it’s as if these were the rebel penguins, living life on their terms and not letting cheap wire fencing stop them living their best life = begging and harassing humans. I could relate. Anyway, Boulder beach is called Boulder beach because there is very little sand to layout on, you have to climb the boulder and layout on the top of it. It’s scenic, beautiful, the penguins jump up to say hello and everyone enjoys life!

Stay tuned for one more...I know I promised Bo-Kaap (possibly my fav neighborhood on earth) but I don't want to overwhelm you. Bo-Kaap is worth the wait!