Travel Diary- Houston, Texas

How was April? We hope it was well and that you missed us. There is some exciting news that is coming your way on May 24th. As always keep following us on all our platforms and be ready for a huge post on our big announcement on the 24th.

I went to visit family and friends in Houston and it was great refresher from the city. While there, I went to The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston to see the Ron Mueck exhibition. His pieces brought the unreal and real together to create sculptures that take you a different land. It was a beautiful and eerie exhibition. If you’re Houston and want to step out of reality, check it out

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And to lighten the mood... Go be a boss in life! 

Iconic Black Fashion Influencers and Designers

As Black History Month is coming to an end, we want to bring light the top fashion designers and influencers that help make fashion great. Black fashion have been changing the game of fashion since day one and we love to put the spotlight on the people that helped do that. 




Also, if you want to see current and historical, iconic designs by African Americans check out the Black Designer Exhibition at FIT in NYC. It's amazing showcase of new and old designs that highlight black fashion throughout the decades and bring light to the hardships that black designers had.