I’ll Tell you what freedom is to me: No FEAR
— Nina Simone

From Me...

I'm Undra, this is my clothing brand. Wow it's been an entire two years since I launched UCNY. I love fashion and I love entrepreneurship but together, it can be a very difficult thing to grow and sustain. I'll admit, the internet makes it easier for small things to look grand and it also make it easier to reach you guys! I'm thankful for both because I absolutely LOVE this brand and it's organic growth over this short time. 

The Brand...

Trying to define the brand and my aesthetic can be difficult to put into words. Not because I don't know, but sometimes words don't fully express the feeling, you know?! In 2015, I started the brand with 6 principles; Fashion, Dance, Persistence, Friendship, Timelessness and LOVE. As I look back on the 6 collections, all embodied each those principles. Look, I don't set out creating collection saying, "must be true to the principles of the brand - or else" it just happens, each and every time.  

The Future...

I see other elements that have evolved into the line and will hold true as we go forward:

BOLD (color and prints), MODERN (clean lines and silhouettes) and FUN (embellishments and metallics).

A natural evolution of the brand with all the things I LOVE!

Love will always be the tagline. #LOVEUCNY