New York Fashion Week: Season Seven

New York Fashion Week: Season Seven

Undra Celeste New York launches Season Nine: Re-Emerge collection during NYFW

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NYC – Feb. 17, 2021


  • Undra Celeste New York announces 2021 collection, Season Nine: Re-Emerge for NYFW
  • The collection can be viewed online today at 3 p.m. EST on the CFDA Runway360 platform and at
  • Pieces inspired by the difficult year and a transition to work-defined luxury clothing that’s soft, breathable and cozy
  • Fabric, design, color and prints pay homage to Bògòlafini, Malian mud cloth, which translates to earth with cloth symbolizing the return to outdoors and self-connection


Undra Celeste New York launches 2021 collection, Season Nine: Re-Emerge today at 3 p.m. during New York Fashion Week (NYFW). The collection can be viewed online on CFDA Runway360 and


The collection derives inspiration from Undra Celeste New York’s previous presentation as women re-emerge from a difficult 2020 with a reflective view on luxury clothes for the working woman.


“Undra Celeste New York’s Season Nine: Re-emerge is personal – whether 2020 was a year of loss or profound change, our customers are learning to take care of themselves and listen to their inner voice,” says Undra Celeste, creative director. “This collection is for those who realize life is too short to shrink, and that luxury is no longer synonymous with forgoing comfort and authenticity.”


Pieces from the collection are inspired from Mali, West Africa and use colors and prints that infuse Bògòlafini mud cloth textures on soft, breathable fabrics. Heavy on tops and dresses in greens, deep sienna and gold to wear during virtual meetings with co-workers, friends and dates.


“This collection is my favorite because it applauds the multi-cultural, professional woman who finds ways to infuse style no matter what’s happening in life,” says Undra. “Many of us spent the year wearing braids and big sweaters so The Braided Cardigan is a wink to the braiding traditions found in West Africa that are also center-stage in virtual meetings across the country.”

 Undra Celeste New York:

 For press inquiries please contact:

 Raslyn Wooten

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