So it’s one of my best girlfriend’s 40th birthday and she decided she wants to go to Puerto Rico. We’re all down to go - so we go. The ONLY issue is that her birthday is March 13th - during the aggressive onset of Covid-19. Most of the party cancels but three of us decide to still go for it. I got all the PPE. I basically sprayed and wiped down the entire plane, get comfortable in my seat with my glove and mask and make it to Puerto Rico without incident.

We arrive at our beautiful resort, Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve, settle in and get ready for dinner. Despite the restaurant staff rushing us because of a newly enforce curfew dinner was great. We celebrated Sabriyah’s birthday with cake, drinks and plenty of laughs. Once we head back to our suite there is a note at the door. I hand

 Monique the note because she does all the technical reading while we’re on vacation. This is when it hit the fan - the resort was basically shutting down. All restaurants, bars, pools and THE BEACH were shut down. Guests were only allowed to stay in their rooms and order room service. Huh?

We immediately change our flights to head back to the mainland the next day. The next morning we order breakfast, spent hours on the beach (it was literally 2 steps outside of our room) and headed back home.

Although it was only for 24-hrs I’m glad that’s how I started my quarantine. In the coming weeks, I would be caring for my sick husband and like many of you isolated from family and friends.

People talk a lot about how we all will be different after this. I’m not sure how the world will look but I’m sure going to appreciate more the simple things in this lifelike getting celebrating a friend’s birthday and laying on the beach. Life and its details are precious.

Please continue to stay safe + be well.







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