Things to Know 32 Days From The Election

Things to Know 32 Days From The Election

Things to know 32 days away from the election

As we approach Election Day, exactly 32 days away, it's important that every American does their part to make sure we get to the polls (or mail) as possible. A voting plan is essential.  Mine is simple; I plan to get out as early as possible, stand in line for as many hours as necessary, and VOTE. I have my magazines, a book, my phone (+ spare charger) and I'm preparing mentally and physically for a long day.

I also want to help you get an election day plan together, so I've comprised a list of 5 Things You Need to Know 32 Day Away from Election Day.

1. Are you registered? Not sure. Check HERE. Not registered, do it HERE NOW! This week is the deadline for many states.

2. Do you know your state's absentee ballot deadline. Check it HERE! Then get the ballot HERE!

3. Get all the day-of details. Early voting, COVID-19 info, voter ID laws, poll locations and times...Get all the deets HERE

4. Get your game day plan together. Get together with your neighbors and of age family members and come up with a voting plan. Figure out the best way to get to the polls (if you're going) or to the mail (or drop off location) together. Make it fun! 

5. Most Americans focus on the Presidential election yet forget that we have elected officials all around us. There is no better time than now to get in contact with the men and women we elect and PAY to run our states, cities, and districts. So after you've gone through step 1-4 call, write, email or even show up at the office of your local government and find out what they're doing to make your community a better place. You can find all their information HERE!

One last bit of important info, during election week we will be running an awesome promo powered by the vote. It's easy, tag us in your "I Voted" picture on Instagram or Facebook using hashtag #LoveUCNYvote and we'll send you a code for 50% off any single item from our new collection + a free gift! 
Don't worry, we'll remind you as it gets closer! 

See you at the polls! 

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