Great Things That Happened in 2020 - A Year In Review.

Checking In

If you've made it to this point, it's your time to be alive. And I don't mean just breath in your lungs, but the time to LIVE. There is a lot to say about 2020 - you'll read most of it in mainstream media. I don't think you need a breakdown from me, I actually don't think you need it at all. If you're reading this, you made it -  consider yourself blessed. 

Here's what really happened in 2020...

1. You're here and I'm here. That should not only be noted, but celebrated. Through the pandemic, increased violence, depression etc., we lost a lot of people in 2020. If you lost someone you love my prayers are with you. But if you're reading this I'm also praising God for you because you SURVIVED.

Throw a Zoom party.


2. Eyes and mouths are wide open! Due to the horrific murder of Mr. George Floyd, the issue of social injustice in American has moved from the back broom closet to the dining room table. The much needed conversations around race in this country has started...again. Civil rights and liberties are not gifts, they're prizes for the fight. The part of the conversation that's most close to my heart is the one about the treatment of black women in the workplace. That's a super tough conversation mostly because the only ones who can speak about it are the ones being attacked. Microaggression in the workplace is a unique experience to black women. But we're speaking up, loudly! 


3. We Voted. We voted like a mutha...


4. Undra Celeste New York survived, was awarded 2 grants, released 3 new collections, got a new office, got a new assistant, did a design competition with Chase Bank, donated countless masks to healthcare workers, featured in most of the coveted fashion publications, received an amazing mentorship, had a MAC cosmetics sponsored photoshoot, shot a new commercial for the brand and so much more! 

If you take no other lesson from 2020, take this - life is short. LIVE. By all means -  LIVE. 


Welcome to 2021. 






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