Win Win Win *DJ Khalid voice* - ICON 360 GRANT RECIPIENT!

Win Win Win *DJ Khalid voice* - ICON 360 GRANT RECIPIENT!

On September 9th, Undra Celeste New York was awarded a $50,000 grant to help grow our business. When I first learned about the grant award, I was in tears and speechless. I've worked so hard these last 5 years to build a brand that not only my customers would love, but one that my peers in the fashion industry would recognize and respect. Although I'm not where I want to be as yet, getting this grant proves that I am on the right track. 

This grant award means so many new and exciting things for the brand. New products, new branding, and elevated marketing, and even a new design studio. Getting a new space has literally been a dream since I started the brand. We also have tons of things we're implementing to make our customer experience better. One of the truly important things is improving our shipping process to get all orders out in 5 days or less. I'm the most excited about this because I know during COVID shipping with USPS has been nothing short of a disaster. Customers have been so patient and we want to be purposeful about improving that experience.

There is so much more that we're dreaming up.  

So please do stand by, we are here, we are growing and we are excited to take you along for the ride.  




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