At Undra Celeste sustainability is not a buzz word but a way of life. Often sustainability is viewed as a momentous undertaking that brands have to have all aspects of their business be sustainable. The reality is that most young brands are sustainable by nature of being small and that we all can make steps to improving the product life cycle while helping the planet. 

At Undra Celeste we are taking steps to get better with each collection. Here are some ways we are committed this season: 

- 30% of the collection made from natural fibers. Natural based materials are made from fibers that come from a natural source, such as plants or animal fur. This season we are using more cotton and linen. The fiber and biodegradable and better for the environment.  We are committed to being natural fiber inclusive as we grow. 

- 100% digital printing. Digital printing is a more eco-friendly and cost effective ways to print. Tradition pigment printing uses many toxic dyes and the process can be harmful to the worker. As we grow we are committed to using digital print. 

- Limited Quantities. Producing limited quantities is a way of life for most new brands. We also know that exclusivity and quality are qualities that our consumers really appreciate. As we continue to grow we will always be mindful of the mindset of our customers as well as the environment when creating and assorting new collections. 

- Purchasing Stock Fabric. Stock fabric or as the fashion industry would call it, "deadstock fabric" is perfectly good fabric that major luxury brands produced and no longer have a need for. Local fabric distributors take hold of the yardage and sell it back to smaller fabric retailers and designers. We have a stock fabric suppliers that gets their fabric from very high-end brands. We always go to them first when looking for high quality staples like wools, silks and higher quality polyesters. We will continue this process for the life of the brand. 

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