My 2022 Strategy + Word of The Year

My 2022 Strategy + Word of The Year

I start every year with 3 things: Prayer+Fast, Ambitious Goals, and a theme Word. 

Each one is necessary for the magnitude of success I'm hoping to see in 2022. But today I want to share with you one aspect of my success trifecta.
My 2022 theme word is: Undra. 
Over the last few years, as I have worked on building this business, I have put myself at the bottom of everything. The mental, physical and spiritual sacrifices I've made have gotten me here, but where I trying to go requires that I put myself (closer to) first. Burnout has become sort of a spectator sport. We look on as some of our favorite woman in business post the grit of the journey. Honestly it does motivate me to get up at 1am and send an email, one that could've waited. Burnout is not the prerequisite for success.
Last year was a big year for Undra Celeste the growth took so much out of me. I learned some valuable lessons, the main one? Get Help! Stop being a perfectionist where it's not necessary (it is necessary, just not for everything). So I have a long list of personal goals this year. I'm starting with simple things like spending more money on myself, exercising once a week, and buying myself a new blender. I'm reviving a beloved hobby: building and decorating a wood dollhouse for my 3-month-old niece (it will be ready by the time her hand-eye coordination is together). Right now I'm writing this from a 10-day cross-country train trip - I didn't work most of the trip. 
I'm focused on staying the course and structuring the business in a new way that supports me in taking more time for myself. I'll check in along the way to see for us to see if this new way of working and living adds to the bottomline. 


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