Spring Home Refresh - 5 Ways I Get My Home and Mind Right This Season

Spring Home Refresh - 5 Ways I Get My Home and Mind Right This Season

Hey there! 

Spring has officially sprung and I have to say, my name is Undra and I am ready to go OUTSIDE! 

But before I pop-out to enjoy the new season I like to reset and refresh my home.  So while we all wait (I work) for this new Summer collection to drop let's get into 5 ways I refresh my space and my mind for the new season.  

1. Clean up. The house has to be cleaned from top to bottom. It takes me about 2 days to clean and 3 days to recover. But once it's done, my mood literally changes. I feel lighter, I can think clearer and I'm ready to take on the new season like a beast. 

2. Fresh flowers and reed diffusers. My favs are tulips, roses and lilies. Fresh, clean, light smells makes the space relaxing and warm. 

3. Fashion coffee table books. I own way too many. I have to spread them around the house because the coffee table is but so big. Bold images and stories will always be a part of my space. 

4. Images of Black women. Whether it's pictures of my family, images on magazines or art I created. You'll find them in just about every room in my home. 

5. Sunlight! I don't do heavy curtains because I love sunlight and I need as much of it as possible in my space. Vitamin D keeps you happy! 

Leave a comment to let me know how you get ready for the new season! 
















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