Our delivery was a sh*t show! BUT NOW WE'RE BETTER THAN EVER!!!

Yeah, I'll admit it, our delivery was a mess...

A lot has happened in 2020, some good (Election 2020) and some really bad (Covid-19) but some things I have learned from it all is to keep going, improve along the way and stay transparent. With those principles in mind, I recorded a video about our new delivery promise! We understand that the holidays are approaching and it's more important now than ever for you to be able to trust that your items will be delivered on-time.

If you don't have time to watch the video, here's the short of it all:

- Every order placed on www.undracelesteny.com will ship in 3 business days or less. The only exception is items from our Runway Collection.

- We've also put together a pretty extensive FAQ page that's sure to answer all of your burning questions.

- If you still have questions, you can always drop us a note at info@undracelesteny.com 

Redefining Modern Workwear.  


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